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Motortrain – Media/Music/Video


Motortrain – “Straight Six” Full Album

“We had been together as a band for about six months and knew it was important to get an album of some kind put together right away and get it in people’s hands. We worked with an old friend Mike Bolenbach out of Full Well Studios in Phoenix, AZ and in just under a week, pushed out a 6-track EP that helped flesh out what Motortrain’s sound was. We’ve come a long way since then, written, scrapped, and re-written about 3 album’s worth of music, and played our hearts out, but that was still the best time we’ve had in studio so far.”

“Mom” by Ben Nichols of Lucero, Performed by Ump of Motortrain

“Lucero is a major influence on Motortrain. Everything from their touring ethic, live performances, and especially the way Ben writes songs that can just gut you to the bone. When we decided to send out a little something special for the moms that support us, both the ones we leave at home when we hit the road, and the ones we only get to see when we play, Lucero’s Mom said it all.”

Motortrain’s “Shake” Acoustic live at KKEG Fayetteville, AR

“KKEG in Fayetteville, Arkansas has always been real supportive of Motortrain from the beginning. This is the first acoustic performance we did on the air, with a song that will most likely never end up on an album.”

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Motortrain – “Goin, Goin, Gone” Official Video

Motortrain – “Motortrain” Live on Axis Stage at Rocklahoma 2014

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Motortrain – “Backyard Brawler” Live on Axis Stage at Rocklahoma 2014

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