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If A Van Could Tell Tales…

It’s a bittersweet day when bands let go of gear, especially gear as important and milestone-making as their first tour van. But that’s exactly what we’re doing. FB3.0You see, FB 3.0 (Yes, that’s what we call this big white heifer of a beautiful beast) has served her time. She’s gotten us through the southwestern desert, over the very high peaks of Colorado, across the swampiest lands of the south, been our home on the road and our workhorse like no other. She’s literally been the engine that has driven us to hundreds of shows and even helped out other bands a time or two.

We’ve cared for her the best we could, and we’ve given her gifts over time to thank her for all her hard work. Gifts like:

  • “Moonshiner’s Suspension”  – An airbag lift system with driver controls for the rear suspension that allows her to carry heavier loads without tossing her nose in the air. This also distributes the weight of her load evenly across all 4 tires, reducing the wear on the rear end.
  • A hitch – You know… cause every gal wants to hitch up eventually 😉
  • An alarm system sensitive enough to feel both the van AND the trailer.
  • A makeover from the inside out… you see, here in Tyson territory she lived a sordid past that left her stained with the scent of chicken houses and the pools of sweat from the men that catch them. We completely gutted the girl, deep cleaned her, re-arranged her versatile bench seating, blacked out all the rear windows, caged the back windows for security, and even added a couple sleeper bunks in the back. You’ll want to browse those pictures up there to get the full idea.
  • An upgraded stereo with CD player, AM/FM, and Aux Input so you can hook up your phone or MP3 player… because cassettes are only cool for a minute, this baby wanted more!


But now it’s time to let her go. Let her move on to the next band in need. She’s still a great gal… it’s not her, it’s us. We’ve got two other vehicles we use for shows, and she deserves to be released back to the world. Back to the road. It will be hard on our hearts, but knowing other bands out there need her kind of love makes it our duty.

So if you or someone you know is scouring the midwest in search of the perfect travel buddy… the best friend on wheels a band could ever ask for… the solution to an oversaturated local music market, scour no more. She’s here. She’s waiting.

The nitty gritty:
She’s a 2006 8cyl, RWD Ford E350 XL Superduty Extended Van
(Converted 15 Passenger but currently seats 7-8 with seatbelts)
81,000 well-maintained miles
Front and rear ice cold Air Conditioning
Cruise Control
CD player with removable faceplate
Alarm with sensitivity control and 2 remotes
Comfort Air Suspension (with driver controls)
Bunk Modification

We’re letting her go for $7500 firm, with pickup in Northeast Oklahoma. We do have a matching white 5’x8′ single axle enclosed trailer in great condition that can be added to the deal for a complete touring package. Get ahold of us on Facebook or by emailing if you are seriously interested.

Goin, goin, gone! #getinthevan

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