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Motortrain – About/Bio/Press Assets

Aaron “Ump” McCollum: Vocals/Guitar
Michael “Sig” Sigulinsky: Bass
Sam “Sammi” Blossom: Guitar

Motortrain is a rock and roll band whose approachability and relatable songs make them easy to have a good time with. Each of their shows are more like a backyard party in the rural towns the members come from. Bonfires and beer cans piled high, girls dressing up to dance and show off, and guys swapping stories about what kind of trouble they got into that week. It doesn’t matter if the show is in a small dive bar or their huge annual campground party at Rocklahoma, everybody is there for a good time.

Over the years Motortrain’s reputation as a live party band has given them the chance to perform with acts like Texas Hippie Coalition and the Supersuckers, and made them a hit in the festival and rally scene. They’ve been the featured download in Classic Rock Magazine, a featured artist on both and, and received steady rotation on the internationally syndicated Hard Rock Nights radio show as well as other local and internet stations. When asked about their crossover sound, frontman Ump responded:

“I’m offended by rock artists that switch over to country just to try selling to that crowd when the rock audience isn’t buying. We just want to make good music. At our core we love country music and our lyrics come out that way. We just happen to back it with a lot of big guitar riffs and solos and that’s never going to change. We’re giving fans the music they love, with a little rock edge. People like what they like, and it doesn’t have to be traditional country music. I know just as many people that are huge fans of George Strait as I do that love AC/DC, and many of them love both. “

This coming year Motortrain will be releasing their full-length self-titled album, which will include the singles “Whiskey Fingers”, “Briars & Barbed Wire”, and others. The year will also bring a much larger-scale touring schedule as well as new videos.

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