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Motortrain Announced on the 2015 Rocklahoma Daily LineUp!
April 14, 2015

Hey Bad Girls and Brawlers, it’s time for a big announcement! Motortrain has been invited for the third year running to help represent Oklahoma rock and roll on the Axis Entertainment stage at Rocklahoma on Sunday May 24th, 2015. We’ll be taking the stage right after mainstage shuts down, and the band will be on the grounds all weekend long for parties and press. Stay tuned for more details as they unfold!

Motortrain at Rocklahoma 2015 - Poster Courtesy of AEG Live

Motortrain at Rocklahoma 2015 – Poster Courtesy of AEG Live

Motortrain Welcomes New Drummer Danny “Danimal” Goff
April 6, 2015

The drummer search is finally over!

Danny "Danimal" Goff

Danny “Danimal” Goff

Motortrain would like to take a few minutes to welcome Danny “Danimal” Goff as our new drummer. Although Danny was born in Long Beach, CA, he’s spent most of his life in Harrison, Arkansas. His live show experience is definitely on the harder side, playing with metal bands like Machinery of Oppression, Agents of Khaos, and  Murder Mtn Maniacs.

Want to know more about Danny? Add him on Facebook and ask!

In the meantime Motortrain is currently putting the finishing touches on their first full-length studio album, and will be making some tour announcements in the very near future!

March 13, 2015


You want bright lights? Fame? Hot hook ups? Lots of money?

Hell yeah! We do too! Buuuuuut, that’s probably not gonna happen.

However, can you spend weeks at a time in a smelly van with 4 other people? Smelling like sh*t every day, living off the dollar menu at a truck stops? How about setting up your gear just to play to 10 ppl on a Tuesday night in Salt Lake City? Do you have a decent kit and “go get em” attitude? Ever hear of the bands Motorhead, AC/DC and Dwight Yoakam? How about beer, do you like beer? You might be our person!

Northeast Oklahoma based (with members part-time in phoenix), touring, established, heavy southern rock band, MOTORTRAIN is looking for a drummer. We’re looking for the right person to fill a permanent spot or touring only…we arent picky (however, we’d like a permanent team member). We have a pro team behind us and shows to play. Are you our person? There’s little to no money in what we do…but it’s what WE Do and have done with minimal injuries for the last 5+ years. 21 – 35yrs..No Heavy Drugs, No significant other hang ups..THIS. IS. OUR. JOB.

Send video, demos, info, etc.
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